To sign up to work a Panthers event

  • Log into “Charms Office Assistant” below.



  • Log into your Charms student account, and click on “Calendar” for game dates. 

  • Click on the event that you would like to work.  

  • Click on the SignUpGenius  link and sign up.

  • You will receive email a few days before game with game day procedures.

Please remember, the fundraising we do this year will benefit your student next year and the following year. Our Concession Stand at Panthers Stadium has been one of our largest fundraisers in the past! We need Freshman and Sophomore parents to step up because the upper classmen parents have worked especially hard in previous years to ensure that your students have the superior band program that they have moved into.
GOOD NEWS!! All training will be ONLINE. 

Please reach out to Staci Hawkins at with any questions.

Chaperones Needed

If you are interested in chaperoning a football game, please reply to Leigh Burrell's email with the games dates you can help, your secure volunteer # and expiration date. If you are not a secure volunteer, you can go to and apply there. SECURE VOLUNTEER After you apply please let me know by forwarding me the application confirmation email you receive. I will make a schedule and let you know when you are assigned. If you cannot help at any of the football games but would like to be considered for other chaperone opportunities, please let me know.


Football: Our band only plays at the home football games, except for the game vs. Fort Mill played at Fort Mill HS this year. The current game days when the band will play are:


Oct 1 (Away at FMHS)

Oct 8

Oct 22

Oct 29


For those of you who are new to band, we usually use 5-6 chaperones per game, and we try to spread it out so as many of you get a chance to chaperone as possible. Please plan to arrive at NaFo around 5:30pm. We help the kids get dressed and then walk with them and their equipment to the stadium around 6pm.


Once we are in the stadium, we sit with the band in the band only section, forming a “barrier” between the band and the student section. This is mainly to help keep people away from the instruments and equipment. During half time and third quarter, we stay in the stands and keep watch over the equipment and personal items. It is a pretty easy job! All the chaperones are asked to wear a RED SHIRT. If younger family members want to come to a game when you are chaperoning, please arrange for others to supervise them elsewhere in the stands. Football games are a great way to get your feet wet in the chaperone world.


Exhibition: Since the exhibition is at our school and does not require travel, we do not have a need for many chaperones. If you are available that day and want to help, please watch for the main signup request for that event and volunteer. There are many ways to help with Exhibition!


Competitions: We only have 6 competitions this year. Space is limited on the buses, so the best chance for new chaperones to get on this list is to volunteer for football games and on food or uniform crews so that we get to know you, and you can sometimes do double duty. Competition days are fun but busy. We pair new chaperones up with experienced ones so that you can get trained on the run. And when I say run, I am serious! Chaperones are on their feet most of the day and do a ton of walking. Remember to wear a RED SHIRT (and comfy walking shoes) and arrange for others to supervise your younger children on the days you are chaperoning.