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Band Fee Information

2025 - 2025 Band Fees

2024-2025 band season will include regularly scheduled yearly competitions and events including 2 overnight Bands of
America Regionals. Both of these regionals will include hotel stays with one requiring charter buses.

2024-2025 Band Fees are set at $1300 per student, plus a $50 accessory fee (first year members only). 

This one-time fee covers personal/non-reusable uniform parts such as shoes and gloves (including 1 pair of sticks for
percussion). All marching wind and percussion players are required to purchase their own black compression shorts and
calf-high black socks. Guard students and various sections may also need to purchase undergarments and accessories
unique to the needs of their section based on each year’s costuming needs. UNLIKE MANY HIGH SCHOOL
PROGRAMS, guard members are NOT required to purchase their custom uniforms.

One yearly fee used to help maintain and repair school instruments. This fee covers ALL school owned equipment used
by a student and is not assessed, per instrument (ex. Tuba students pay one fee that covers BOTH a concert tuba and
marching sousaphone; percussion students pay one fee that covers BOTH concert instruments and marching

● SIBLING DISCOUNTS ($100 per sibling):
We offer sibling discounts for families with multiple students
simultaneously enrolled in the program at the same time. Each sibling simultaneously enrolled in the program will
receive a $100 discount that is applied to each student’s account.
● EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ($100): A $100 discount if paid in FULL by deadline (Fri, Sept. 20th, 2024).
    *The Early Bird discount is in ADDITION to any qualified Sibling Discounts



July 26 (Friday):                 $350 band fee installment #1
                                           (+$75 annual instrument maintenance for students using school owned instruments)
                                           (+$50 accessory fee for shoes & gloves/drum sticks for new members only)


August 12 (Monday):        $100 FORT MILL SCHOOL DISTRICT ACTIVITY FEE
                                            *The school district will not allow any athlete or band student to participate in any                                                        school game, performance or competition (including football game performances)                                                      until this fee is paid.

August 23 (Friday):            $375 band fee installment #2

September 20 (Friday):     $375 band fee installment #3
                                            (OR PAY $475 TO GET EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! $1300 TOTAL NOW $1200)

October 18(Friday):           $200 FINAL band fee installment

There are THREE ways to pay your Band Fees: 

1. Write a check to FMDBBC and mail it to:


PO Box 611
Fort Mill, SC 29716
*** Please have student name & NF Band on check


2. Write a check to FMDBBC and send it with your student. There is a wooden box for payments in Mr. Krieger's office.
*** Please have student name & NF Band on check


3. Pay online through the CutTime app. 

  • Access your student's CutTime account.

  • Scroll down to the Financial Summary section.

  • Select the button that says "Make a Payment", then follow the prompts from there.  

**NOTE: CutTime does add a SMALL FEE when dues are paid through them. 

(We will no longer be using PayPal for band fee payments.)

** Student accounts in CutTime are accessed by clicking on the link that was sent when the account was set up.  Anyone who didn't receive the link, deleted the message, or otherwise has trouble accessing their account should reach out to Mrs. Beth Wagner at

** Any fee credits (formerly points) accrued are attached directly into your account. If there is a balance currently due, it will automatically be applied to that balance. If no money is currently due, the credits remain in your account. Once a fee is assessed, it will automatically be reduced by the amount of the credit (points) in the account.  

** We appreciate everyone who has communicated with us regarding challenges with band fee payments. Please reach out to Mr. Linkous at any time with questions. We will always work very hard to help families in need. Band fees are very crucial this season, as we work to provide a great experience for our students with quality instructors in front of them. **

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa McLean at, Beth Wagner our Charms Secretary at, or our Executive Secretary, Bob Hessler, at



It is important that everyone pay the $100 Activity Fee which is assessed by the FMSD. This fee ensures that the district will continue to supplement our staff expenses AND provide transportation (Band Competitions, Region Band, All-state Band, Concert Performance Assessment, Winter Guard, Percussion Ensemble, etc).

Fort Mill District Activity Fee
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