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Bank Of America Stadium Training


If you have signed up to volunteer at the Bank of America Stadium Concession Stand, please download the training documents from this page. Once completed, forward your certifications to Shawna Lee Irish at

All volunteers need to complete a 10 MINUTE training which consists of reading rules and answering corresponding questions. This MUST be completed online and signed pages must be be scanned to Shawna Lee Irish at before you may work. The training link is below and can not be done on a cell phone:

All volunteers ages 21 years + are required to obtain the ServSafe Alcohol certification in order to participate. Our concession stand does sell alcoholic beverages and we must adhere to all laws and guidelines. There is an up front cost of $20.40 when using the coupon code LEVY23 for the training, which the band will reimburse to you in the form of 10 points, payable with your first event worked after earning certification.

Course Name: ServSafe Alcohol Online Course and Primary Exam – 3rd Edition (yes, use the 2023 guide)

When finished click on Take Online Exam.

If you are under 18 of years old, you must have a Parental Consent Form filled out and signed prior to working your first game of the season. Please download and scan back to

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