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Bank of America Volunteer Appreciation Program
Effective 2023 Season

In an effort to reward our Panther volunteers, we will be increasing the points awarded with our Volunteer Appreciation program. Each student account will earn points based on the number of games worked.

Student Credit Account System *For On-Going Fundraising Activities

1 Volunteer Worker = 30 student credit points

1 credit point = $2.00 credit value


1 event at Bank of America Stadium

2 family/friend workers X 30 points = 60 student points

60 student points X $2 credit value = $120 credit towards student’s band fees


PLEASE NOTE: Points are NOT refundable or exchangeable as cash. Points hold no real monetary value; however, they are used as a reward system to track volunteer services and are redeemable for band fees and other costs associated with band activities


Click here for information about the points program!


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