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After School Rehearsals

  • ALL STUDENTS must wear athletic attire that allows you to move freely such as shorts, t-shirts, workout pants, etc. at rehearsals (no jeans). 

  • ALL STUDENTS must wear athletic shoes.

  • ALL STUDENTS must have a brimmed hat - no exceptions! This is to protect your eyes and head from the sun (you may keep this in your bag so that you are prepared for when we may go outside) Please do not bring a red hat.

  • 3 Ring Binder with plastic sheet protectors to hold all music and materials


  • Backpack (regular type or small string-drawn backpack) that holds your music binder and sheet protectors

  • Pencils (you may want to have a pencil bag that you can insert inside your binder-this is great to hold both pencils and tuners)

  • 1-Gallon Water Jug - NO EXCEPTIONS (water coolers should be cleaned regularly and come filled with fresh, clean water every day - please write your name on your cooler with a black Sharpie)

  • Students may bring snacks to keep in their bags (Please note snacks are to be consumed only at designated times and only with permission from a director or staff member)

  • Wind Players: please bring a tuner and a metronome - you can find acceptable tuners that are affordable on Amazon.

       You may also use an app with your smartphone.


**Students MUST be picked up in the car rider line. The bus lanes are enticing because they are close to the band room, but we've had some close calls with people driving around the round-a-bout as others are pulling out. Please keep our parents and students safe and do not try to pick up there. **



Students may only leave rehearsal items on the shelf (rehearsal bag with practice clothes, music) instrument and cooler, but nothing may be left behind for other classes that would require them to return to the band room before the end of the day. Students may not return to the band room except for their designated band class time. Everything must be taken from the shelves at the end of the day unless students have 2 different instruments.


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