Panthers Stand Fundraiser

GET EXCITED!! For the month of December, we will pay a 10 point INCENTIVE to every person who works for every game you work! That's almost double what you would normally earn. Sign up early so we can maximize our income to the Band! There are only 4 more opportunities left this year.

All of the SignUp Genius links for the remainder of the year are linked below. If you can work, please sign up now. When we submit our Roster before the deadline, we earn an Early Bird BONUS for our band! We have been offered a Hydration Station to work with 2 extra volunteers. This will be a premium for our band and we will receive a higher payout at the end of the season! Students may work this position!


NOTE: The Panthers are VERY strict about social distancing in the stadium, and we have space in the stand as well. We have no physical contact with the fans, we do not handle any money, nor are we within close distance for any length of time. All fans and workers are screened and temperatures are taken before admittance to the Stadium.

The best part of this fundraiser is WIFM! What is that, you ask? What's In It For Me!! YOU will earn POINTS! Points can be cashed in toward band fees and hopefully in the future, trips! As a reminder:

Per Student (includes multiple family members per student)

Work 1-5 games = 15 points per game ($30)

Work 6-10 games = 17.5 points per games ($35)

Work 11+ games = 20 points ($40)

If you are not sure what is entailed by working the Panthers Stand please reach out to Carl & Shawna Lee Irish at All of the concession stands at the stadium are run by non-profits. We have done this for many years and it's one of our best fundraisers for both the band and the individual. When we are offered a stand this year, we MUST fill it or risk losing the opportunity to continue having this great fundraising option.


Please remember, the fundraising we do this year will benefit your student next year and the following year. Our Concession Stand at Panthers Stadium has been one of our largest fundraisers in the past! We need Freshman and Sophomore parents to step up because the upper classmen parents have worked especially hard in previous years to ensure that your students have the superior band program that they have moved into. Next year, when band fees are double what they are this year, it will also be nice to have points banked to cash in. It only works though if everyone helps out.

GOOD NEWS!! All training will be ONLINE. Only 4 pages need to be signed and scanned to me this year.




We will need to carpool as the whole stand needs to enter at the same time. This will be organized after sign-up.

We were informed over the weekend that we will be staffing our stand every game for the rest of the season! This is great news! We also have a permanent stand, a Bojangles stand on the 100 level. This past Sunday we finally earned the maximum per volunteer which is awesome! If we continue to get our roster in early and show up on time, we can max out our donations! 


Saturday, December 19                           ACC Championship Game            4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, December 30                      Duke’s Mayo Bowl                         12:00 p.m.

Sunday, January 3                                      New Orleans Saints                       1:00 p.m.


Remember, if you find you can no longer work an event you signed up for, please e-mail Shawna Lee Irish at