To sign up to work a Panthers event:

  • Log into “Charms Office Assistant” below.



  • Log into your Charms student account, and click on “Volunteer” for game options. 

  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose the game for which you would like to sign up. 

  • Click on the SignUpGenius  link and sign up.

  • You will receive email a few days before game with game day procedures.

Our next game is the Thursday Night game on October 29 against the Falcons. Weeknight games are fun but late nights. If you are able to work, please sign up as soon as possible so we know what we are working with. We have received our stand assignment and NF Band needs to have a total of FIVE (5) volunteers. Arrival time is 4pm and kickoff is 8:20pm. We should not be terribly busy.
We will only have limited games to work this year, so PLEASE STEP UP AND WORK AT LEAST ONE GAME THIS SEASON! If we forfeit one game, we will lose our stand and all the fundraising opportunities that come with it.


Please remember, the fundraising we do this year will benefit your student next year and the following year. Our Concession Stand at Panthers Stadium has been one of our largest fundraisers in the past! We need Freshman and Sophomore parents to step up because the upper classmen parents have worked especially hard in previous years to ensure that your students have the superior band program that they have moved into. Next year, when band fees are double what they are this year, it will also be nice to have points banked to cash in. It only works though if everyone helps out.

GOOD NEWS!! All training will be ONLINE. Only 4 pages need to be signed and scanned to me this year.


** NEW STAND RULE** All who work in the stadium must wear non-slip, closed toed footwear. All sneakers do not have non-slip soles. If you plan to work, please make sure you have appropriate footwear. Vans, Alegria, Dansko, and restaurant shoes are approved footwear, or you can purchase OVERSHOES on Amazon or HERE to wear over your existing shoes.


We will need to carpool as the whole stand needs to enter at the same time. This will be organized after sign-up.

Please reach out to Carl and Shawna Lee Irish at with any questions.