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NF Band Spring Trip 2023 - Hawaii

Dates of Travel: Thursday, March 30 - Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Packages (quad, triple, double and single rooms) would be approximately
$2800-$3600 depending on which accommodation options are selected. 
QUAD ROOMS:      $2800 (student option pricing)
TRIPLE ROOMS:     $2900
SINGLE ROOMS:    $3600

To lock in the current pricing, deposits and commitment forms are due October 3. 

You will still be able to sign up the trip, but the price is subject to the current rates

at the time you sign up.

Payments may also be made with points. If you would like to redeem points for a payment, please email Nicky Ludolph at in advance of when the payment is due.

See the COMMITTMENT FORM AND HAWAII HANDOUT for payment schedule which will be made on the portal which will be sent to you by Nicky Ludolph once you have paid your initial deposit. 

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